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We provide all Locksmith services 7 days a week. If you are locked out out of your car , home or office we are here to help you any time. Lock and Key Locksmiths technician are fully equipped and experienced in residential, commercial and auto locksmith service ! Call at any time (866)775-1490 and one of our crews will be on the way to you!



  • Auto Lock out
  • Cut a New Key
  • Transponder Keys
  • Rekey Auto Locks
  • Ignition Replacement
  • Program Transponders
  • Key Copy
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Car Lock Picking
  • On Spot Solutions

Emergency Lock-Outs

Find yourself locked-out is never predictable or expected. Actually it really can happen to everyone of us, even us the locksmiths, once in a while we lock us out of our vehicle. So if it happened to you, most important thing is NO Panic. Because while in panic we might do irreversible mistakes. Just call us any time at (866)755-1490 and let us do our work if it's car lockout, store or office lockout, home lock-out, safe lock out or just a desk or file cabinet drawer. Lock and Key Locksmith certified techs have the training and the latest technology tools to provide you with a solution.
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Sheriff Evictions

As a landlord or rental estate owner, you may have to do eviction process for tenant from once in a while. Although it is never a pleasant practice but Sheriff Eviction is the only way sometimes to get legal possession of your property. If the situation is serious,and you can't find a resolution with the tenant on your own, then sheriff eviction may become necessary so that they can escort the tenant away from the property and legalize you as a legal possession owner. Lock and Key Locksmith have good experience providing sheriff eviction locksmith services. Our certified technicians have been assisting numerous landlords and rental property owners with a full range of professional locksmith solutions. Click to read more..

Rekey / Master Key

Rekeying normally refers to the ability to change a lock core combination so that a different key will operate it. Re-keying is often done when a owner may be concerned that someone obtained the key to the his lock, or it got lost, so the lock may be re-keyed by a locksmith so that only new keys will work. Rekeying is a generally simple process of changing the pins or wafers configuration inside the cylinder of the lock so a new key will function. while the old one will not. Rekeying possible to be done without replacement of the entire lock hardware.

Master key operates a couple of different locks. There is nothing special about the key itself, all the secret is in the cylinder pins / wafers combination.
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Install / Change / Repair locks

Not always necessary to replace your locks, in most of the cases it is possible to fix or replace just some damaged parts. Lock and Key Locksmith is always prepared with the best solution for you. If new locks have to be installed our technicians have the latest state of art tools to fresh install new dead bolt latch locks, knobs or levers or even high security locks. Of-course install new lock instead of the existing lock as an upgrade or it's broken. We install locks on any type of doors: metal, wood and even gates.

Mailbox locks

It's really unpleasant to loose your mail-box key or move to a new place without receiving one and be unable to get to your mail. USPS Post office doesn't provide replacement of key or lock services, they will ask to call a locksmith.
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Electronic Locks / Key-Pad

New technology brings a lot of convenience to our locksmith world. Today there are many different types of electronic locks on the market, all the way from simple keyless entry with keypad to very complicated such as Biometric locks or the ones that you can open with your smartphone. Let Lock and Key Locksmith advice you the best for your needs, the one that will suit your property and budget.
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High Security Locks

Without having installed high security locks and keys, you are leaving your home and family vulnerable to individuals who could try to break into your house and steal some goods or just make a damage. The house and belongings can be covered by insurance, but what about your personal security and your family,if the burglar comes in the night while you all asleep?
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