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Residential Locksmith services:

Rekey / Master Key

Re-keying generally means the ability to change a lock combination so that a different key will operate on it. Re-keying process is done when a lock owner might be concerned that unauthorized persons has key to the lock, or someone lost their key, so the lock may be altered by a Locksmith so that only new key will be functioning. Click for more..

Install - Change - Repair

Lock and Key Locksmith certified technicians well prepared to install, change and repair locks. Not every time you need to replace your old lock, which is usually more expansive, when in most of the cases replacing some parts can solve the issue. Since we specialize on repairs, our techs carry most of the needed parts to save existing lock, which is cheaper and in some cases more effective (no need to repaint the door or refill some parts).

Deadbolts and Doorknobs

Most popular locks are doorknobs and dead-latch deadbolts. Lock and Key Locksmith techs carry big variety of these locks to match to your existing style and design. Some locks also come in different key-ways, so we can match your key to the new lock by re-keying the new lock to existing key.

Mailbox Locks

It's really unpleasant to loose your mail-box key or move to a new place without receiving one and be unable to get to your mail. Post offices (USPS) does not provide replacement service of keys or locks, they will ask you to call a local locksmith.. Click for more..

Electronic Locks

New locks technology brings a lot of renovation to our world of locksmiths. Today you can find many types of electronic locks in the stores, from simple to very complicated such as Biometric locks or the ones that you can open with your smart-phone. Let us, Lock and Key Locksmith suggest you the best one that will fit your requirements and budget. Click for more..

High Security Locks

Without having high security locks, you are jeopardizing your home and family to malicious individuals who could break into your home and steal some goods or just cause a damage. For home and belongings you can by insurance, but what about your personal security and kids, in case the burglar comes in the night when everyone sleeps? Click for more..

Safe opening services

Safe are made to high secure you personal belongings inside your property. When suddenly you can't open the safe or move it for whatever reason and we can't take it to the shop because it drilled to the on the bottom to the floor. It might be an emergency need like medicine or other really important content, you better call right away (866)775-1490 and one of our safe technicians will rush to help you unlocking it. With many years of experience and training we can handle most of the safe services.

Garage Doors

Our technicians also specialize on opening and repair garage doors. We deal with so many different kinds of mechanical and electronic garage doors. If it happened to you, that you locked your garage door by mistake and your keys and remote are inside the garage, don't try to open it yourself. It might be really dangerous and high pricey to repair if you will make a damage. Our technicians also can reprogram the garage door remotes if requested.

File Cabinets/Desk locks

Did you loose or misplace your file cabinet key, we can help! Most file cabinets brands usually making they own locks, they still use common keys on the market. Our technicians highly trained to make replacement keys even to the strangest and most rarely locks. Some furniture locks may be really old and antique, in this cases we make new keys by filling them by hand.

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