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Rekey / Master Key

Re-keying usually relates to the capability to change a key on a working lock, so that a different key will operate it. Re-keying is necessary when a property owner is concerned that unwanted people have the key to the lock, or the key got misplaced. The lock may be changed by a Locksmith so that only the new key will be functioning. Rekeying is a fairly quick process of changing the tumblers or wafers configuration of the lock so a new key will function while the old sets won't. Rekeying can be complete without changing entire hardware.

Master key operates a set of various locks. Typically, there is nothing unique about the key alone, but rather the locks with the same pins combination. These master-keyed locks made to to open with different keys. One key will operate only specific lock and won't work on any of the others, and the master key, will open all the rest of locks in the group. Locks that have master key, have a second layer of tumblers, this is why they can operate locks with identical tumbler setup. As an example, master keyed lock will have 2 pin tumbler shear points for each key, one for the "employee/tenant" key and the other one for the master key.

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Larger organizations, with more complex "grand-master key" configurations, might have several levels of master keys, where the main grand-master key operates all of the locks, master keys works only on certain groups of locks and the employee key will open only their office / working space.

The best practice of master keys is to create a grand master key for an entire system of locks (for the owner / main manager), then create a sub-master-key that will operate only on some sets of locks like entry door and some of the offices (for secretary, accounting etc..) and then another sub-master-key for warehouse manger that will open the all the related doors in it and finally the employee "Do Not Duplicate" key that will only operate on designated to them doors of entry.
Lock and Key Locksmiths can also generate key cuts for a replacement grand master keys, when given several different key examples from existing system.

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