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Electric locks / Key-Pads

New technology brings a lot of convenience to our locksmith world. There are many types of electronic locks in the shops, from basic to very complicated such as Biometric locks or the ones that you can operate with your smartphone. Let us, Lock and Key Locksmith advise you the best one that will suit your needs and budget.

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Key-less Locks

Here in Lock and Key Locksmith we install key-less entry locks almost on daily basis. Working together with security companies, this type of lock integrates together with the existing alarm system. Basicaly for the property owner it's a great way to control this door by giving people pre setup codes and not physical keys. Since electronic locks have a keypad, we can program any code you wish to open or close that lock. From lock to lock, brand to brand there are many possibilities of how many codes you can store in the lock and how long the codes are. But most important thing is, that you can change the codes anytime you like to secure and eliminate the entry of unwanted individual.
This is a huge advantage for any property owner / manager because you don't need to call the locksmith tho change or rekey the locks again. Of course these locks are more expensive then rekey service, but how many time you called the locksmith already and trust us, you going to call again to rekey your locks in case someone has the key you don't want to be able to enter no more or simply the key got lost and now you panicking that this someone will use it to enter the perimeters of the property..

Biometric Key-less Locks

Some of the new key-less electronic locks have the biometric finger print scanner. this way you can make sure that only the authorized persons will be able to open that specific door. Biometric locks not really popular around residential customers but it definitely catching an acceleration in our commercial customers circle. Biometric locks give that extra security that the key-less lock code can't be transferred or "borrowed" by another employee. Bottom line there are no shortcuts, only the people that their finger print programmed into the lock software will be able to operate the lock. The only problem that there are some many options in this locks that people getting lost by trying to figure out by themselves and in most cases giving up. Lock and Key Locksmith specialize in this niche and will be glad to help you with explanation and guidance of what will best work for you and serve your needs.

WiFi Key-less Locks

Most key-less entry locks today are equipped with WiFi technology. This allows you to connect the lock to your home / business internet as rest of the existing devices. It looks like in the future everything will be controlled by the push of the button on some internet enable device. So since this locks connect to the internet, we can operate them without even being close to the door, out of town or even in different country and all that without giving anyone the code or a key. We highly recommend to install a camera by that door, this way you will be able to see who's standing in front of your door before opening it.

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