Locksmith FAQ

Can You / I open a door with credit card?

In 99% of the time NO! Don't even try it, you will damage it and will be really frustrated still outside the door.

Will it cause damage to my car?

Locking your Keys in a car or trunk can actually happen to everyone. Specially in present when most of the time we all talking on the phone and getting distracted and out of focus about the little stuff, like taking the keys before closing the door. Not like other services, we can unlock ANY car today without any damage. The new techniques and tools we are using are much safer and user friendly then the old ones. Unfortunately, a large number of towing services and other locksmiths still use the old Slim Jim.
Most of new cars have wires running inside the doors, this is why the old "fishing hooks - Slim Jim" are not advised. By mistake you can pull one of the wires and damage the electronics of the door or whatever they operate. Lock and Key Locksmiths way is the safest! Not only fastest but also in case you can't find your Keys, we can cut you one on spot and program it if necessary.

I tried to stick paper clips into the key hole like in the movies and jiggle it, why the door didn't open?

You should be happy it's didn't open! If it would, can you imagine the level of security to your home, why do you need locks at all…
Locks are very complicated, so let's the movies to Hollywood and the security of our house or business to a Locksmith.
In some cases by sticking objects into the key hole, whey "by mistake" stay there without possibility to get them out. In these cases even a Locksmith it is a mission impossible to open the lock traditional way and most likely the lock will to be damaged / drilled..

Car / house / business key snapped, can it be repaired or I need to replace the locks?

Just if you have all the pieces a Locksmith can duplicate the broken key.
And if it happened to be a newer car key with transponder, our Locksmith tech can also program the key to your car.

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